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Harry Styles felt 'unsafe' in his own home following ordeal with alleged stalker

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Harry Styles locked himself in his bedroom and felt unsafe in his own home after he was allegedly stalked by a homeless man.

The former One Direction singer claimed at a hearing at Hendon Magistrates' Court in London on Monday that 26-year-old Pablo Tarazaga-Orero harassed him after he offered to pay for a night in a hotel after seeing him sleeping by a local bus stop.

According to London's Evening Standard newspaper, Styles alleged in court that Tarazaga-Orero posted notes and cash through his letterbox, followed him to the local pub, and tried to grab him during a late-night jog.

"I thought it was sad someone so young was sleeping rough, that anyone was sleeping rough at a bus stop, when it was cold," he said. "I felt sorry for him.

"I pulled up in my car next to the bus stop and offered him some money so he could get a hotel or some food, but he told me he couldn't accept money for religious reasons."

Styles claimed he then offered to buy food, driving to find a vegan food shop when he was asked for edamame beans. However, when he returned the next day with two sandwiches, two salads, and two muffins from a vegan cafe, Tarazaga-Orero asked if they could go to a restaurant - with Harry noting there was "something not quite straight-forward" about the situation.

The Sign of the Times singer recalled: "He made me feel pretty uneasy, I felt watched and I could feel him watching me as I entered and exited my residence."

The 25-year-old musician resorted to using a panic lock on his bedroom door, strengthened his at-home security, and now checks for "weak spots" in his property, after being left feeling "unsafe at home".

"I always felt safe at my house and despite the environment from any work engagements, I would always manage to have an intact sense of normality at home up until this point," he said during the hearing.

Asked if he regretted trying to help the defendant, Styles added: "I would like him to get some help but I would also prefer to have no contact with him going forward. I would like to feel safe at home."

Tarazaga-Orero, a Spanish national of no fixed address, denies stalking the star between April and June this year. The trial is ongoing.



Source: music-news.com

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